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Welcome to Order of Ethereum

Let's face it, you need forgiveness. We all know what you did last week, when you thought no one was looking.(Shame on you) Most other religions require you to pray for long periods of time or sit through boring services to work off that guilt, but there's a better way! For a limited time you can free yourself from the weight of your crypto and secure your spot in the afterlife! That's right you can buy yourself out of guilt and throw off those "chains." And for those that are feeling especially righteous, you may even cleans yourself enough to be a saynt, prophyt or even the savyor! See details below on how to obtain these amazing blessings for a limited time and don't miss out!

crowd sale

Join the fold

Send as much ether you wish to the address below. Keep in mind that this gift cannot be returned and actual results may vary. We cannot garantee any of the blessings mentioned below are even real and power to perform miracles may be limited by geographic area and previous faith.



Total Contributions


Come on. We can do better than that. Prove your worth to the gods of the blockchain.

Total Saynts


Oh when those saynts, go marching in... These guys have shown what it takes to get ahead in life... and in the afterlife. You go Glen Coco!

Total Prophyts


All hail the phophyts and their daring 'dos. These people are either very lucky (see below) or they have no idea how to handle money wisely. Seriously, you guys are rockstars.

Blessings Structure

One Syn .01 ETH

This is known as an indulgence and forgives you of one sin. Can you feel that weight lifted off your shoulders? Break those chains today! (note: you can also just apologize and avoid spending money. Just saying...)

Keep in mind that any donation of this size or greater makes you elegible for a chance to be blessed by the blockchain gods. See other blessings for details.

Saynt 10 ETH

Oh dear saynt, we have been waiting for you! Go forth and tell others of the blessings you have received.

There is a 1 in 64 chance the blockchain gods will automatically name any contributer a Saynt. (The first 2 digits of a blockchain hash will be less than "12")

The top saynt will also have the opportunity to be immortalized by the blockchain by having their name displayed here. Stay tuned for more details.

Prophyt 100 ETH

All hail a holy Prophyt! You have status and influnce unlike any other. You also have the power to bless and forgive others. May the grace and power of the ether be with you.

There is a 1 in 256 chance the blockchain gods will automatically name any contributer a Prophyt. (The first 2 digits of a blockchain hash will be "77")

The top prophyt will also have the opportunity to be immortalized by the blockchain by having their name displayed here. Stay tuned for more details.

Savyor100 KETH

The savyor has been fortold from the beginning of the blockchain. It is said their hair glows like that of the sun and to look upon them is to forget the last 4 words of your passphrase forever. There can be only one, so once born any further contributions at this level will only get you street cred.

There is a 1 in 1,000,000 chance the blockchain gods will automatically name the one and only Savyor. (The first 5 digits of a blockchain hash will be "77777")

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a real religion?

Absolutely not, this is just for fun. You shouldn't actually spend money on this.

What happens when a savyor is minted?

The savyor will have the funds and power to bless and forgive anyone he/she wishes. All hail the blockchain savyor!

Why did you build this site?

As a escapee from religion, I thought it would be fun to poke a bit at my old past time. Plus it was fun to think through the creation of a new religion.

Can I spend the tokens?

Can you spend forgiveness and freedom from bondage. No sir!

Can I the tokens be traded?

Yes, they are standard ERC20 tokens. Have at it and share the blessings!

Are there any taboos or restrictions?

Not really? Marrying your cousin is still probably not a good idea, but from, like, a genetics standpoint. We're trying not to get too preachy.

Any other commandments?

Um, let's see. Thou shalt not touch thy brother's private keys. Thou shalt not commit any logical fallacy. Thou shalt never question the blockchain. Thou shalt HODL thy ether. Thou shalt love thy Futurama.

Is this a scam?

No this is all just for fun. You shouldn't actually send any money. If you do, I can't garantee any feelings of actual forgiveness or holyiness. If you don't think this is funny or are offended, you have my permission to close your browser.

No but seriously, what are you going to do with the funds?

I run some other sites where I give away crypto, so I'll continue to do that. And maybe buy some gaudy ring like the pope. Oops, I mean, liberate a very tasteful ring from a generous saynt. I'm above desiring such material things.

"Afterlife? If I thought I had to live another life, I’d kill myself right now!"

- Bender (Futurama)